Special Event – 2 Sheets

2 Sheets $900Paid - $300~18 [email protected], this is Dan Marion. I rented ice last year, and wanted to see it was like a guy's hockey group her dad's and I wanted […]

Special Event – 1 Sheet

Paid: $300Total: $600Name Nick HandEmail [email protected] (708) 323-6050How did you hear about us? Friend or CoworkerDate 12/10/2022Time 04:00 pmNumber of Participants 12Tell Us About Your Event Hello! I was curious if you'd be able to accommodate a private […]

Special Event 3 Sheets

$1,200 TotalPAID: $300We are planning to have 24 people curling. Also 7 spectators and a baby to just watch. We would like to bring a cake and a walking taco bar. […]